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  1. Watch “Attendance Works: A Community Imperative” on @Vimeo .  Press Play:
  2. Parents of children who attend @browardschools can review  grades and attendance virtual counselor:
  3. Learn more about what our state says about #attendance. @fldoe #infographic: @Attendanceworks shows how chronic absence starts in K and weighs down academic achievement #education
  4. Absences, even if they are excused, can hinder learning and academic performance.  #dontmissaday @attendanceworks
  5. Ensuring and monitoring regular school attendance is the responsibility of all stakeholder groups in Broward County.  Agree?
  6. On average, high school graduates earn $1M more over their lifetimes, compared to those who do not graduate.
  7. Students who are chronically absent in any year between 8th and 12th grades are 7.4 times more likely to drop out of school.
  8. Students shall be released within the last 30 minutes of the school day unless deemed an emergency by the principal/designee. #attendancepolicy
  9. Everyday Strategies to Help Teachers Improve Attendance and Raise Achievement:
  10. Parents, show children that attendance matters to you. Be sure they know you will not excuse unnecessary absences.
  11. VIDEO: Pep Talk to Teachers and Students.  Press Play:
  12. 10 ways to help your child to be on time for school.
  13. Not sure about expectations of students’ attendance @browardschools?  Review our Attendance Policy.
  14. City Leaders can bring together school and community resources to improve school attendance.  Here are 10 steps Mayors can take:
  15. Teachers, did you know that by taking roll regularly shows students that you care when they miss school? #attendancecounts
  16. Rise and shine students. Get to school on time! Remember there is #free breakfast at all @browardschools  #dontmissaday
  17. VIDEO: Study shows school #attendance linked to academic performance.  Press Play
  18. Good attendance in preK & K builds academic & social skills for the future.  Attendance counts-ALL Day.  EVERY Day!
  19. Have a child in Middle or High School?  Here are ways to help them stay in school:
  20. Students, remember, school only gets harder when you stay home too much. RT if you went to school today.  #dontmissaday
  21. Watch “Bringing Attendance Home: Parent Video” on @Vimeo
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