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The philosophy of the Teen Parent Program is that students who are pregnant or have children need to achieve academic success as well as to learn to be good parents.  Pregnant and parenting students have the option of remaining in their home schools and receiving limited support by an assigned Teen Parent Social Worker or by attending a teen parent center, as well as other options depending on the student’s circumstances. The purpose of these services is to offer educational alternatives and to provide resources and information to help students achieve academic success and to plan for a secure future for themselves and their children.

The Home School Services program utilizes area-based specialized Social Workers to deliver the following services to support the student’s academic achievement, with the goal of high school graduation, and to provide information and resources:

  1. Assessment of student’s situation
  2. Counseling and resource information
  3. Family involvement and other supports
  4. Individual, group and family counseling
  5. Family support services
  6. Coordination, consultation and referrals with medical, childcare, social services and mental health agencies
  7. Educational counseling
  8. Parent education
  9. Coordination with other services at school
  10. Other events that partner with community agencies in order to assist students and their families
  11. Coordination of pregnancy prevention presentations and information

Eligibility: Pregnant or parenting persons of legal school age are eligible for these services. Written confirmation of pregnancy is required for most services.

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For more information contact:

North Area:
Betty Wershoven
(754) 321-1618
Central Area:
Jhonii Louis 
(754) 321-1618
South Area:
Jane Batista
(754) 321-1618
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