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Embracing Military Personnel and Families Program


Implementing: The Core Values of Character Education/Broward County Public Schools

Citizenship: Knowing, understanding and displaying a high regard for those who have served and sacrificed for our community and country.

Service: Core Value of the School Social Workers

To enhance the capacity of our students to achieve at their maximum potential academically and socially by providing support services at school, home in partnership with the community.


There are 1.2 million military children in the United States.   Since 2001 approximately 2 million children have experienced the deployment of a parent. Care of military children sustains our fighting forces, and strengthens the health, security and safety of our nation’s families and communities. The repeated and extended separation and increased hazards of deployment compound stressors in the lives of military children. BCPS has played an historical role in recognizing and supporting the educational and emotional needs of the students/military families in the school setting and the community.


Through innovative, dynamic approaches in the school, home and community, military dependent students and their families receive support during times of readiness for deployment, during deployment and during and their transition back home. At the same time, an opportunity is offered to the non-military community to show their appreciation to military families.

Support Services are offered to the following groups:


Individual assessments, counseling, crisis intervention, tutorial services, referrals to appropriate community agencies.  Further, organization of events honoring our military with the participation of non military students, school events, art projects, cards and letter writing to soldiers/families, collection and distribution of packages to soldiers in deployment, incorporation of  military students/families in the district campaigns of concrete services and support at a time of grief.

School Personnel

Case consultation with teachers, administrators about best practices when intervening with military dependent students/families, coordination with the PTA and other departments and organizations in the school system, staff development training for school personnel, presentations.

Partnerships are critical to the program’s success


We are pleased to partner with:

Southern Command                                                       Florida Army National Guard

Department of Veterans/ Outpatient Clinic        Military Related Support Organizations

For more information contact:

Lucia Romero, MSW,

School Social Worker

Phone:  (754) 321-1618 (office)
                (561) 414-3098 (cell)
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