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The mission of the Behavior Intervention Program is to ensure that students are placed in the most appropriate setting, which is conducive to learning, maximizes academic achievement, growth and development.

The vision of the program is to ensure that all students are academically and socially successful. As such:

  • Events that are flagged through the Elementary Level Discipline Matrix should be recommended for the Behavior Intervention Program through the Expulsion Abeyance Office 754 321-1670.
  • Repeated PROMISE incidents should be referred to the Behavior Intervention Committee by completing the process outlined in the Behavior Intervention Handbook for traditional assignments.

View and download a copy of the 17-18 Behavior Intervention Program Handbook

Through the structures provided in this program, it is expected that students will acquire the necessary skills to enable them to optimally function in the traditional school setting.

School-Based Committee Form

Request for consideration of Behavior Intervention Program

In November 2013 the School Board of Broward County, Florida, approved a historic new Collaborative Agreement on School Discipline in an effort to close the schoolhouse to jailhouse pipeline; the Promise Program.  Click here to learn more about the Promise Program.  School districts nationwide are rethinking their responses to minor offenses by students: Read More.

To reduce the loss of instructional time consistent and uniform corrective strategies have been agreed upon.  Click here to learn more about these Corrective Strategies.


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